I’m really happy that you have visited me. I’m a 6-year old black Labrador retriever lady and while we have just met please let me tell you some words about myself.

  My whole name is Városkerti Császár Alíz, but I’m called Kyra ever since I can remember, everybody calls me so. I was born at Kiskunfélegyháza, and in my early puppyhood a car appeared to take me, in which somebody was sitting … somebody whose touch and voice had a message for me and I was induced to go to her, to smell and kiss her and to make friends with her. At that time, I did not know that this will be a friendship forever. It was Kitty, my mistress; I was brought to her.

  My sorrow about my brothers and sisters took only for some minutes not only because I was the strongest among them but I was immediately given a new family instead of them: a master and a mistress and two young playmates. Since then they are my brother and sister. Zora, the German Shepherd is a bit too serious for my style, but I’m fooling a lot with Totyi who is crossbred.

 I have to admit to you that I was very much afraid of growing up in a block of flats, but if I look back to that times that’s why I learned how to behave myself with strangers. I always wished to have a huge garden in secret where I can start a helter-skelter run up and down at any times, but Kitty took care that I could do so during the several walks for several hours a day. Fortunately it happened so that now I live in a house with a garden in a village where I can enjoy fresh air.

 As for everybody, the puberty came to me also, so I sometimes became pranky … then I started my studies. I always felt that I continuously would like to do something, but I did really realize that at the boarding school. Although fist I felt sorrow for not being able to see Kitty, but I soon found out that this would happen the sooner the better results I reached in my studies. That’s why I was the first among my brothers and sisters who finished to learn the basic things and I could run back to my family. However, Kitty was smart not to let me become silly or dull … we have continuously been attending the dog school since then only for my pleasure. Moreover, imagine that I also made an ability exam in Cserkeszőlő.

  I like the disciplinary drills, I’ve passed an official exam in such. As a puppy I learned very well how to steal shoes at home but for now this developed into an absolutely clear retrieve work in me, and moreover, if I don’t get such a task I’m willing to catch almost everything in my mouth because I see that everybody extremely enjoys this at home. Fortunately they took care that I got a used bad pair of slippers, which is of course a wonderful treasure for me because I can carry it whenever I want.

 In the school I learned from the others the knowledge of “catch the thief”. As my mind became refined among German Shepherds, I always saw how big joy it causes to men if those thick clothes on their hand are caught. Therefore, I was barking as long as I was able to catch it once at last. As this arouses everyone’s astonishing admiration and amazing looks, I’ve always been doing so since then. Of course, Kitty realized that it is only a play and a retrieve and capturing instinct for me, thus we do not try real safeguarding work. I have to add that I would very much enjoy the tracing work.

  The real obsession and the extreme love is of course related to the water. With my family we often go to swim in the close living waters and dead channels, and we even take pilgrimages to the Körös so that I can swim for weeks whenever I like. I like the most when Kitty comes into the water with me and throws me a ball to catch it. Of course I’m continuously watching and I can tell you that I always keep an eye on her because if she got into any trouble I would immediately pull her to the beach. Sometimes she takes me for a ride because she catches my neck so that I swim from the water with her. If there are several people with me, I continuously swim around them for the sake of security. Unfortunately we can’t always go to swim … although I would like to do it forever … but they are nice to me at home as well. Imagine, I was given a pool with a thousand litres of water, where I can have a dip whenever I like. In winter when there is bitter weather, they let me into the warm and heated house at nights and they overwhelm me with tropical fruits of every kind; the mandarin is my favourite one.

 As I’m getting older and time is running over my head, I have to tell you that nowadays I’m more and more often thinking over to found a family. We go to practice and to school in order for my muscles not to grow numb and for my mind not be become indifferent. Therefore it comes to my mind more and more often that I would be happy for a puppy who can follow what I’ve begun and who can be my descendant. Kitty sees that thus it is likely that this happiness will soon come true.

Until then, I wish you all the best who spent time on me, visited me and listened to my words. If you like, please contact Kitty at her availability as, you know, I’m so busy that I entrusted her to manage these things. Of course, she does so with pleasure … because she just adore my kin. I have to go now as the pulis have got into mischief again … if you have time, please visit me again, you are welcome.